Types of Implantation Therapy



It is a specialized device that delivers concentrated amounts of medication (s) into the spinal cord area via a small catheter (tube). This device delivers concentrated amounts of medication into the spinal cord area allowing you to decrease or eliminate the need for oral medications by delivering the medication to you around the clock, therefore eliminating or minimizing sudden pain and/or symptoms.

This procedure is performed in two stages: Stage I – a trial period of one week is made to assess the effectiveness of the procedure and to screen for unwanted side effects. If stage I is successful, then stage 2 – involves implanting a permanent spinal morphine pump under the skin.

The pump is permanently placed on the side of the abdomen. As with any procedure, there are risks, side effects and the possibility of complications.


Baclofen is a medication commonly used to decrease spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological diseases. Spasticity is a muscle problem characterized by tight or stiff muscles that may interfere with voluntary muscle movements.

The intrathecal baclofen pump system is the way doctors deliver baclofen directly into the spinal fluid. The system consists of a catheter (a small, flexible tube) and a pump. The pump — a round metal disc, about one inch thick and three inches in diameter — is surgically placed under the skin of the abdomen near the waistline.

The pump stores and releases prescribed amounts of medicine through the catheter. With a programmable pump, a tiny motor moves the medication from the pump reservoir through the catheter. Using an external programmer, your treatment team can make adjustments in the dose, rate, and timing of the medication.

People with the pump must return to their doctor’s office for pump refills and medication adjustments, typically every one to three months. The pump is taken out and replaced at the end of the battery’s life span (which is usually five to seven years).

All patients will undergo a trial version of a stimulator.

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