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There are many different causes of chronic pain, but the result is always the same: poor quality-of-life. Fortunately, you don’t have to live like that for the rest of your life thanks to chronic pain treatments at Center for Pain Management in Edinburg, Texas. Tajul "Tim” Chowdhury, MD delivers state-of-the-art treatments with precision and care, making it possible to get the relief you need. Use the online appointment booking tool or call the office anytime for help with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Q & A

What is chronic pain?

If you have pain that continues for 12 weeks or more, it’s considered chronic pain. Chronic pain can begin in many different ways. Sometimes, it starts as an injury that doesn’t resolve as expected. In other cases, chronic pain starts with an illness such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

What other problems does chronic pain cause?

Often, pain isn’t the only issue for chronic pain sufferers. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, you may also experience range-of-motion problems, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, and other frustrating issues. Untreated chronic pain can eventually leave you with a poor quality of life, so reaching out for help is vital.

What does the Chronic Pain Program include?

The Chronic Pain Program at Center for Pain Management includes a variety of treatments designed to manage all aspects of your pain effectively. The program includes all of the following:

Medication Management

Dr. Chowdhury works closely with you to determine the right medication and the right dose for your pain. The optimal dose is one that relieves your pain without impairing your daily activities or encouraging dependence.

Pain Management Group

You'll learn the different things that may affect your pain, and how to manage the pain as effectively as possible. The goal in the pain management group is to empower you to take control of your life by better controlling your pain.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, you'll learn to recognize your behaviors and thought patterns that may worsen your pain. Your therapist can help you change these patterns, which can include alleviating depression and anxiety.

Stress Management

You'll learn how stress plays a role in exacerbating your pain. You'll learn powerful stress management techniques that you can use anytime.

Biofeedback Training

In biofeedback training, you'll learn about the changes that occur in your body when you're stressed and in pain. You'll also learn how and when to stop these changes with relaxation techniques.


You'll learn how the food you eat can impact your pain and stress levels and become familiar with foods that can help boost your mood and bring a sense of calm.


You'll learn a variety of techniques such as visualization and meditation to help you cope with chronic pain better.


Reconditioning teaches you how to rebuild strength and stability after an injury or illness. You’ll work with a therapist to learn exercises that can be done at home to accelerate your recovery.

Center for Pain Management takes a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that you get lasting pain relief instead of a short-term fix.

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